Descriptions about thunder on the detail screen are inspired on Poems written by Angela Wybrow and used with permission. For the original Poems visit here profile here:

Sounds used in various presets from public domain:

  • 151199__hokstnator__balfron-field-thunder-l (free
  • 115521__csengeri__20100614thunder7-approaching-medium (free
  • 195985__mrauralization__sharp-close-thunder (free
  • 350505__spennnyyy__thunder-medium-distance-no-rain (free
  • 198858__bone666138__thunder-long rolling strong-2 (free
  • 37774-double crysp close thunder (free
  • 105087__csengeri__140820103thunder Sharpish clean (free
  • 338088__jzielke011__thunder-clap-4 (free
  • 338089__jzielke011__thunder-clap-3 (free
  • 275596__lennyboy__thundersound-sharp-clean (free